Insulet Provided Glooko®
Functionality Clarification



For Insulet Provided Glooko accounts, the guidelines for Glooko are to provide support for BGM and CGM users who are also Omnipod® users. Up until now we have not had the ability to segment these users from non-Omnipod® users.

In alignment with our agreement with Insulet, professional users with Insulet Provided Glooko® will be able to access/view patient data solely from Omnipod® device users (Omnipod® devices and the Omnipod® user's associated BGM or CGM device). Clinics using Insulet Provided Glooko will have the ability to access/view Omnipod® patient data and will not be able to view non-Omnipod® patient data. Non-Omnipod® patients will still have access to the Glooko Mobile App and can share their data manually with clinics.

If you are currently using Insulet (Omnipod®) Provided Glooko to download your Omnipod® patient's data, you can continue to do so.



To further discuss your clinic's options or to upgrade from your Insulet Provided Glooko account to a direct account, such as Glooko Enterprise, complete the form below and you will be connected with a Glooko representative.

Please add your clinic's ProConnect code, this can be found be found at the top-right of your Glooko Population Tracker.